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New doblotto v2 site launched with more FREE draws

V2 is now live, please hold tight as there are more things coming, if you notice any bugs or things not looking correctly on your device let us know via Twitter, Facebook or the Feedback page.

Ooooh shiny new things

As you have probably noticed if you're reading this, the V2 site has gone live and hopefully you've already found a lot of improvements. Just incase you haven't here is a quick round up of the changes so far.

  • Secure account - you know use a password of your choice
  • Simplifed cleaner designer
  • You can update your DOB*
  • More draws, we've added 2 new pts draws and very soon when we hit 1,000 likes on Facebook there will be a Facebook daily draw
  • We're bringing out a whole new commenting feature (not live yet but will be very soon) replacing the Facebook comments

* If you change your DOB, you will not be entered in a draw that day, so if you think you can change your DOB to be able to claim the pot, you can't.

I'm hoping these changes are for the better and apologise for the incorrect dob data filtering through on the previous version, the service we were using to show you the dob data had some issues so we've rolled our own which is needing a few tweaks but on the whole should be better than before. The daily DOB facts have zero impact on the draw itself rest assured.

Finally a big thank you for those who've been checking for a long time, we know who you are and really appreciate it and for all the feedback comments that we get.

Good luck in the draws and stay tuned for more updates in V2.



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