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Making Money Guide - Top 5 Ideas Making Money Online

We've identified 5 ways of making money online. Along with checking to see if you've one here on doblotto we'll also share with you other ways to raise cash using the web.

  1. Online Surveys

    There are many online survey sites that will pay you to complete questionnaires for them. A couple of examples include; Toluna, Swagbucks and Vivatic

  2. Blogging

    If you have a favourite topic, you can create your own blog and produce content based on that topic. With regular traffic you can sign up to many different advertising platforms like Google's adsense program that allows you to monitize your blog by serving ads to your audience. These ads, depending on the platform you choose could pay per click (PPC) or pay you a comission based on a sale or lead generation from your site. With high traffic numbers, in time, you can generate a very decent additional income stream.

    Website building

  3. Publish e-books

    Similar to blogging, if you have knowledge in any area and can write a few chapters sharing that knowledge, for example, a friend recently wrote a guide to importing in into the UK, not the most obvious topic but over the last few months has had regular sales each month, with a few books on the marketplace this too could turn into a nice little additional earner. The trick is to write enough to justify the price (typically a few pounds for a short article/guide sized book) and have enough variety and quality to keep momentum each month.

  4. Sell on eBay / Gumtree

    Unless you are the most minamilist person ever who doesn't keep anything just in case, chances are there could be some money to be made selling items on sites like Gumtree or eBay. Clothes are fairly popular as are old computers or bits of computers, even hand made items so it's well worth going through the loft and seeing what you had forgotten about that is actually worth something.

  5. Produce videos for YouTube

    We read recently from a very reliable source that if you can have 100,000 views a day on YouTube, chances are unless you are already on an above average salary, you could quit your day job and take up making YouTube videos for a living. That might be a high number to attain unless you've got a seriously interesting concept to film or discuss on film but again, like the e-books and blogging, any interesting content over time can gain traction and once monetised with ads again, a little bit each month can soon grow with a little time and a bit of effort.

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