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Site adverts and Ad blocking software

doblotto is FREE and able to give away money every day thanks to the members using the adverts that are being served. Increasingly though, as reported by Sky, ad blocking software could be causing £14.1 billion a year to be lost.

The free web has been around for over 20 years and in that time selling advertising space to companies has been a very popular way for website owners and companies to survive online as we all have to pay bills some how don't we?

In more recent years, as the education of the web increases, sophisticated tools are becoming more common place and the ad blocker is no exception.

Sky news is reporting "The global cost of ad blocking is also expected to nearly double in 2016, with the Adobe and PageFair report predicting that online firms will lose £26.7bn next year."

Little black book

What is an ad blocker and why would you install one? Well lets take as an example. We use Google's ad network here and it displays ads to you, based on information Google has collected while you've been browsing other sites so that relevant ads are displayed to you. Increasingly, people are becoming more wary about this information that is being collected and so use plugins that you can install within your browser (Google's Chrome for example) to prevent the ads from appearing and/or prevent sites from collecting the information used to decide which ads to display.

Of course your privacy is important and here at we wouldn't say ad blockers are the enemy at all, however, this site can only exist if we display ads to enough people to generate the funds needed to give back the prize pots and cover the server hosting costs. So if you are using an adblocker, you do have the ability to whitelist our domain This means for the majority of sites you can hide the ads but for sites you do like or don't mind having ads servered to you, they can continue to seek funding from the ad networks.


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