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pts score board alpha

The more often you visit, the more pts you earn, simple.

If you want to be seen on the score board and you aren't currently listed, simply update your profile preference.

The points scoring system is currently being tweaked. We aren't going to reset scores as such but we are noticing that some accounts are managing to double points or more on the same day when this shouldn't be possible. Points are being collected if you visit the site (you must be logged in), you should only get the one entry though. We are removing pts where more than 1 have been allocated in a single day.

Pts will be removed automatically just before the draw to ensure its fair and then again in the afternoon just to keep the scoreboard relatively accurate.

In the coming days we should be releasing a profile log of the days we have logged to show when the pts where allocated.

We may switch to a pts claim button, rather than the automatic visit allocation, thoughts on this change would be appreciated in the Facebook comments below.

Your rank is still being calculated

Pts started on 07/06/2017, maximum daily attendance pts possible is 769

Pts Display name
1 1746 Ruthie
2 1717 Chrissie
3 1680 Toni
4 1577 smithard23
5 1430 Ray1001
6 1315 greeny213
7 1307 betonyk
8 1302 salsa4
9 1297 Donna
10 1287 MARION
11 1284 PowerToThePeople
12 1283 mjm
13 1276 Emelle19
14 1267 lostkiwi
15 1264 Starz12
16 1262 MrIGGY
17 1260 Val1101
18 1259 Allicat
20 1251 Julie