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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! A few changes are under way for 2016 but lets start with the rollover referral draw winner....

And the lucky winner is: Anond52377! Log in by tomorrow evening (9pm) to claim the £100 referral draw.

As some may have noticed, unfortunately to extend the period I can sustain the site out of my own savings, I've decided to drop the daily giveaway prize fund to £50. As the aim of the site is become ad funded (every ad click helps fund the pot) I'm hoping having a lower daily amount will help the site to become self-sufficient without having to close it down before it can do so.

There are other things in the pipeline which will hopefully mean the pot can be raised back to £100 and hopefully in time higher still.

To-date there has been £14,550 given away to lucky winners through the daily draw and monthly referral draw with the highest prize fund being £300 (2 days rolling over).

Good luck in 2016 and thanks for visiting :)

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