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Getting ready for Christmas

It's been a while since I posted so I thought I'd throw something up before we get fully into the Christmas spirit. The best news is about the December referral draw....

The November referral draw wasn't claimed so the good news is this month the referral draw will be worth £100! A great Christmas bonus for someone, check back on December 31st at 9PM to see if you've won.

Referral Draw

For those that aren't aware, the draw happens on the last day of the month at 9PM GMT and you will need to check then to see if it's your name that is drawn as the winner. Each month you have the chance to win providing at least 1 person has registered using your own referral link, the more people you register the more entries into the draw it's that simple.

Cash for Christmas

Daily Draw

The main draw is proving popular as you'd imagine. We've had a steady stream of people registering but the odd's of winning are actually still really good considering other sites have over 400,000 members and we currently have less than 2000.

Unfortunately this does mean as the daily draw has been going for nearly 3 months now, funds are starting to run low. Unless some monies are made from selling ad space directly to companies soon, the daily pot amount is going to be reduced from January 2016 so the site can continue for longer before my savings depleat completely.

I have faith the site can become self sufficient it's just dependent on how long that takes and how long my savings can last for vs companies being interested in buying ad space on the site.

You can all help me approach companies by completing your profile. None of the your information is given away or sold, it just helps me approach companies that are relevant to you who might want to advertise on the site. Incase you hadn't realised, this site is ad funded which means, to survive it's reliant on the ads and using any offers provided.

Survey Draw

Some may have already noticed, or even filled out the qualifying questions for a Survey Draw. Thank you to those that have, and if you haven't please do if you see the questions. So far Google is saying we need to increase the number of responses before we can start getting paid for questionnaires which will help keep the site running.

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