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Doblotto draw updates and other news

With over 5,000 active users now, a big thank you to all who visit on a regular basis. It may seem like a large number, but the odds of you winning are still great and it doesn't cost a thing!

Some other interesting tit bits:

  • The most popular dates of birth are (with 5 entries each):
    • 22/06/1976 , 26/03/1989 , 13/10/1954 , 23/07/1990 and 19/05/1983
  • The biggest single win was £300
  • The oldest date of birth we currently have in the draw is from 1932

Some less interesting notices; to keep the site costs down, if you've not visited the site in 3 months and are subscribed to the daily notifications you will now be automatically unsubscribed. This is not a permanent subscription change, if you wish to re-subscribe you can and by doing so will keep your account active. To do this, simply login and update the preferences in your profile as you can do at any time. If you've not logged in for a while and don't want to miss a reminder, login now!

Again, to reduce costs and keep the site running longer, I'm going to remove the rollover ability of the daily draw pot (rather than reduce the daily pot total again). The rate at which the savings are being hit is being reduced each month which is great, a big thank you to you all! (If you didn't know, this site works because of the adverts that are presented to you, we call this ad-funded) This has meant the site is lasting longer than it would of done without all 5,000+ of you visiting and clicking.

However, I'm still paying out around £1,200 a month from my own pocket/savings and as you can probably appreciate that isn't sustainable long term so this is the next best way I can think of to continue the site, if anyone else has any other great ideas to help please do let me know in the comments or via the feedback form.

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