The prize pots are funded by supporting ads like this. version 2 is on it's way with more chances to win free money!

It's been quite a while since I updated the site and that's down to a number of reasons. The main reason is another project had to take focus to fund but we'll get on to that later. The other reason is a major update is coming....

Ok the boring bit but also the important bit!

As some of you may already know, for those that don't it's worth checking out the About page, is funded from my own savings. Well those savings have now gone and yet the site is still running. It's not a miracle! I had to find a way to keep the pots being paid and hopefully recoup the savings because is not self sufficient yet.

So what changed? I quit my day job! I no-longer work full time at the London agency, I do ocassionaly consult for them which is one of the ways I'm keeping this site going but now I'm also taking on other work as a freelancer leaving me time around jobs to rewrite and actually at the moment earn more by taking on multiple jobs that aren't just coding meaning better use of my time.

To set the scene, currently the advertising revenue is bringing in roughly half of the site costs, that means the pot payouts and the cost of hosting the site and all the emails that get sent out to remind you to vist.

The aim obviously is to make the site completely self sufficient and then increase the pot sizes and introduce even more draws and that's why there are some changes coming which will hopefully help you and me!

The changes

  1. More points (pts) draws - I'm going to add some more pts draws so there will be 2 x £5 draws each day and a £10 Monday morning draw because who doesn't like getting a £10 on a Monday! Later on this year I'd like to also introduce a £10 Friday draw aswell but we'll see how the cost vs audience growth goes.
  2. Facebook draw - Once we hit over 1,000 likes there will be a £5 Facebook Draw on Facebook each week this will hopefully help the audience growth and act as another reminder to check the site.
  3. Referral draw - The referral draw is going to change from paying out £50 to a random person each month who has referred people to gaining 50pts, the money from the referral draw is going to be spread over more draws of lesser amounts.
  4. Winners will need to complete a small form to claim a stake in a pot. This is so I can put up a public winners wall so you have something new to look at but also as a spam reduction measure.
  5. Email notifications will stop after 1 month of inactivity, you'll be prompted before they stop and can be quickly re-enabled from your profile.
  6. New look - has never really been about looking good but I'm going to try and refresh the feel of the site so we all enjoy visiting a bit more hopefully.
  7. Misc fixes and background pattern logging so we can trap spammers more easily and make your experience more enjoyable.

I think that's it, I'll post more frequently and announce when particular updates are live.

Thanks for reading and good luck in future draws :)



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