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17 days in running doblotto the free daily lottery

I thought it would be a good idea to give a site update to share how things are going and let potential winners know that this coming weekend (from today) draws will still be made and claims can still be actioned but there will be a delay in payments while I visit Iceland to celebrate a friends stag party.

Shall we start with some statistics?

  1. £1,600 has been awarded, all via PayPal to date
  2. The most people we've had on the site at once was 389 so far
  3. We've generated £6.57 in ad revenues to date
  4. We have just over 350 people active to date
  5. Twitter seems to be the most popular social network to gain referrals


So some interesting insights there for you. My thoughts on the above, the first week in achieved more in terms of sign ups than I was expecting, well done everyone with the referral links, over 20 people in with a chance of getting the £50 for this months referral draw.


Lots of people now have been lucky to find money in their PayPal account and I thank all those that have sent in photos to help prove this is really real. As you can see from the revenue figures above, at the moment it's very good for members and not so good for my savings.  I knew at the start it would take a while for things to get going in the right direction so for now we'll continue and see how things are in another few weeks. Any suggestions on how we can continue as a free giveaway site please let me know, reducing the pot amount for a while may help until things start picking up, any thoughts on that? We already have Google Ads on the site but if they aren't working I'll need to introduce other ways to generate the pot money from the site.


I thought Facebook would provide bigger gains than Twitter. I personally prefer Twitter to Facebook but thought the majority of people would come to the site from referrals on Facebook but the analytics would suggest otherwise which at the moment is surprising to me, I'll be even more surprised if that continues so continue sharing your unique referral links and I'll keep watching the statistics, lets see if Twitter is more popular than the mighty Facebook.

Finally to wrap up, as mentioned at the start payments over this weekend will be delayed but they will happen on my return from Iceland next week. 

Good luck for future draws :)

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