The original site sadly had to come to an end due to advertising revenue dropping to less
than £60 per month for the last 3 months which simply meant it wasn't viable giving away up to £65 each day.

What I am hoping to do because there is a community here and I do thank everyone who kindly messaged and I
enjoy giving everyone an opportunity to win is bring back but with some changes.

If you have won previously and have not yet been paid, don't worry payments are still being made
a day or so after I've been paid (I've gone back to being employed to be able to continue running

These are the changes being implemented so far:

  • The main daily draw amount will be reduced to £25 daily
  • All pts that have been collected to date will be retained
  • 3 additional pots will be live but to enter there will be a pts cost
  • The 3 additional pots will have a total entry allowed similar to a maximum number of raffle tickets - for
    example the £5 pot might cost 5 pts to enter with 40 people max allowed to enter, on a first come first served
    basis. Once 40 entries have been placed the draw will run choosing one of the 40 as the winner.
  • Pts will continue to be collected daily for free but you will also be able to purchase pts if you wish
  • You will still be able to subscribe for £3.99 per month to get a notification if your DOB
    is drawn on the main £25 draw (so you don't miss claiming it)

My hope is that by limiting space in the additional draws the advertising revenue count will
increase and I will be able to offer multiple limited draws each day, but that will be dependent on how
quickly the entries get claimed. Unlike before, the winner will be notified rather than being forced to claim
in a time period.