This isn't the only site of it's kind, in fact, there is another based off your postcode called so why not head over there in a bit and try and win that pot too. 

Still here, ok great, thanks for discovering doblotto and hopefully very soon you will be lucky in winning a free pot of money. If you've not already entered your date of birth, do so now and while your there you might as well update your profile so we know how to pay you. There are a few options to choose from including PayPal, Amazon vouchers or iTunes vouchers.

If you browse around you'll also come across the survey page, you can answer the questions and find another mini draw and winning date of birth.

As the site is still developing we'd love to hear your thoughts, if you have any ideas to improve or if you discover an issue please do let us know on the feedback page or tweet us.

Best of luck


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